Stimulate a change in the Educational System

The project

The “InnovatiVET” project would like to develop, deploy and discuss how experiments and experimentation could contribute to renewal and innovation in educational practice.
The project will stimulate a change in the Educational System coming from innovative and disruptive METHODOLOGIES and APPROACHES after a PILOT TESTING period.
Focusing on renewing practice, the partnership will produce four different Intellectual Outputs addressing:

  1. Evidence-gathering by focusing on authentic emerging needs, done by a FOCUS GROUPS via INTERVIEWS (stakeholders from VET sectors, teachers, students but also enterprises recruiting from the VET sector) and aimed to stimulate the emersion of the challenge and the disruption coming from the innovation in VET.
  2. Toolkit empowered by practical details about Work-Based Learning,
  3. Toolkit empowered by practical details about Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking,
  4. Toolkit empowered by practical details about Co-Working and FabLab.


The objectives of InnovatiVET are:

  1. Explore the potential of innovative and active pedagogies such as interdisciplinary teaching and collaborative methods
  2. Promote the development, testing and implementation of educational tools and innovative teaching methodologies, in order to improve educators’ industrial currency, as well as students’ skills, thus improving their employability.
  3. Encourage enterprises to actively participate in the developed methods
  4. Provide open and digital educational resources for the VET sector
  5. Increase the synergies between formal and non-formal education system

The project is about innovation in VET and would like to explore innovation in VET in the partners’ countries and provide tools, methodologies and evidence-gathering results for professionalization and development of VET sector, educators, trainers and staff.


– Evidence-gathering report
– Toolkits about successful methodologies in Vocational Education and Training
– Good and Best Practices
– Web platform (website, Facebook page)
– Newsletters
– Leaflet in National Languages
– APP for mobile devices to access the project
– Memorandum of Understanding to recognise the brand-new profile of “European Expert in Inclusive and Disruptive Learning”
– Transnational Project Meetings
– Joint Staff Training Event for the staff
– Multiplier Events to inform the population about the project



Partners of the project

BUSINESS ACADEMY SOUTHWEST (EASV) is a regional higher education and research institution with locations in Esbjerg and Sonderborg. It aims to develop and provide practical higher education at the academy bachelor level and professional higher level, which is done in close cooperation with the region’s business sector and educational institutions national and international. EASV also serves as a national knowledge center of innovation & entrepreneurship (NIC).


– Erhvervsakademi Sydvest (EASV) –


EURO-NET is a not for profit association that is member or associated member of 57 international networks (5 of them are EU networks: EUROPE DIRECT, EUROGUIDANCE, EURODESK, SOLVIT and EBN-EUROPEAN BUSINESS & INNOVATION CENTRE NETWORK). It has realized more than 380 European projects, especially with Youth and Youth in Action, Socrates, Leonardo, LLP, Progress, Daphne, Life, E-Aid, Culture, Creative Europe, Erasmus Plus (KA1 and KA2), Representation in Italy of E.C., European Youth Foundation, Council of Europe, etc.




University of Turku (UTU) is a multidisciplinary scientific university. Expertise of seven faculties ranges from humanities to natural sciences and business. University of Turku (UTU) is one of the leading research universities in Finland offering research and study opportunities in seven faculties. UTU has 20.000 students, including 2.000 international students from over 100 different countries, and approximately 3.000 graduates each year.




MCPZ is a small, private adult education and training provider as well as NVQ provider with respect to the NVQ legislation from Slovenia, nationally oriented, though we have partners in Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia. Main scope of MCPZ is development and delivery of short and long term education and training courses, corresponding to the needs of employers as well as tailor made courses and counselling mainly focused to the competence needs and structures and to organization of business processes.




Fab lab London is one of a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication ( It shares an evolving inventory of core capabilities to make (almost) anything, allowing people and projects to be shared and it offers access to laser cutting and engraving, 3D printing, scanning and design, CNC machines, digital fabrication, electronics, and much more.


– FAB LAB LIMITED (Fab Lab London) –