InnovatiVET Project | The project will stimulate a change in the Educational System
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Stimulate a change in the Educational System

The project

The “InnovatiVET” project would like to develop, deploy and discuss how experiments and experimentation could contribute to renewal and innovation in educational practice.
The project will stimulate a change in the Educational System coming from innovative and disruptive METHODOLOGIES and APPROACHES after a PILOT TESTING period.
Focusing on renewing practice, the partnership will produce four different Intellectual Outputs addressing:

  1. Evidence-gathering by focusing on authentic emerging needs, done by a FOCUS GROUPS via INTERVIEWS (stakeholders from VET sectors, teachers, students but also enterprises recruiting from the VET sector) and aimed to stimulate the emersion of the challenge and the disruption coming from the innovation in VET.
  2. Toolkit empowered by practical details about Work-Based Learning,
  3. Toolkit empowered by practical details about Creative Problem Solving and TRIZ,
  4. Toolkit empowered by practical details about Co-Working and FabLab.


The objective of this project is to address the gap and develop the tools needed to IMPLEMENT the best teaching methodologies and thereby to improve the students skills in order to foster their employability.

The project is about innovation in VET and would like to explore innovation in VET in the partners’ countries and provide tools, methodologies and evidence-gathering results for professionalization and development of VET sector, educators, trainers and staff.


1st project meeting in Sønderborg

The first project meeting is planned to be realised in Sønderborg (Denmark) in the period 19-22 november 2017 (including travel days).
During the meeting the partners will:

  • Present their organisations
  • Exchange ideas and opinions on the project
  • Plan the activities to be realised in the project
  • Establish the next project step
  • Meet the Danish N.A.


Partners of the project