At Fab Lab Raseko, Finland

Fab Lab Raseko supports entrepreneurial minds

The users of Fab Lab Raseko are unanimous: the community manager Jenni is the key to their learning journey. The space needs a dedicated person being in the centre of the experience: the diversity of the space and the appliances are only a plus. Getting support from the manager is very crucial in activating learning and the manager’s proactive attitude may also lead to honing ideas. For the three entrepreneurs taking part in the discussion, the maker space has played an essential role in the development of their business. Through the Fab Lab, they have had the opportunity to try new technologies and materials, find synergies, which would not have been possible otherwise. Thanks to the manager they have been guided to try new technologies which have led to new ideas then dabbled with to get better results. The synergy created through the manager, the different type of users and the versatile technology make it a space propitious for creativity and innovation.

From a teacher point of view, students find the learning through the Fab Lab inspirational too. They get to create something concrete and beautiful during the learning experience, which they find very rewarding.

The Fab Lab network is also supporting the development of its users. Three of the users had gone to Fab Lab Iceland for an internship before coming back to Raseko and have brought back valuable knowledge and connections to Raseko.

InnovatiVET project team from Brahea Center at the University of Turku organised on September 25th a workshop at Fab Lab Raseko with different users of the space to identify how the Fab Lab supports an effective learning and how it could be transposed to other spaces. The users present that day were two former students and currently entrepreneurs users of the space, an entrepreneur, a teacher and the development and community managers of the Fab Lab.

Through InnovatiVET project, Fab Lab Raseko wishes to be able to connect with similar work space outside of Finland to share their experiences and increase the maker space community.

Fab Lab Raseko is part of Raseko vocational education and training institution, and is the only Fab Lab in VET level in Finland. The Lab promotes the use of digital technology in making art, small-scale production and prototyping of new ideas. In the Raseko FabLab activities are carried out via creative projects such as technology pilots, R&D development projects (prototype development), collaboration in education (cross-sectoral; Higher education, upper-secondary education, secondary and elementary education), LEGO Education and basics for programming elementary education by Fab Lab own students.


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