Dissemination event UK – report

On Nov 13th “FabLab London” dissemination event

On Nov 13th FabLab London hosted their dissemination event at the SteamHouse in Birmingham. Over 55 came to the event and learnt about InnovatiVET and the four intellectual outputs, hearing about IO1 Baseline Study, IO2, 3 and finally IO 4 The Toolkits

Post presentation there was a panel to debate the findings from 4 different and active spaces, hearing from FireTech Cmap who were quoted as one of the best practice case studies.

Participant came from FTSE engineering companies, start-ups, maker-spaces and the education (VET)sector.

The afternoon session was a structured brain storm led by Celia Gates. We took the findings and worked out how the research and findings could be implemented.

the full copy of the final write up is here including the results of the brainstorm.


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