Multiplier Event in Denmark

Dissemination events at their campus in Esbjerg On November 13th and December 12th 2019

On November 13th and December 12th 2019, Erhvervskademi SydVest hosted their dissemination events at their campus in Esbjerg (Spangsbjerg Kirkevej 103, 6700, Esbjerg, Denmark). 58 participants came to the events to learn about InnovatiVET. The program covered the baseline study, work-based learning practices in Europe, Creative Problem Solving & Design Thinking, and Coworking & Fablab.

After the presentation, the participants were then part of a workshop where Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking methods were used, to further demonstrate their applicability and place in the educational sector.

The intellectual outputs, as well as the workshop, received positive feedback and a good discussion was started concerning work-based learning, particularly regarding the internship/apprenticeship models and on how to improve them.   Participants came from VET schools, Universities, Secondary Education schools and companies from the private sector.


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